Race and Intelligence


Hello. This is my first post, and I don’t quite know where to begin. This blog is about race, intelligence, multiculturalism, and the need for a new nationalism. This is not a hate site, and any neo-nazis, confederacy lovers, and the like shouldn’t be here. Yes, this site is about genetics, the correlation between race and iq, the failure of multiculturalism, and the decline of Western civilization that we’re seeing. However, this is not a bloggy stormfront.

Now, to begin. There exists an omnipresent doctrine in western society. It pervades our society. Not everyone adheres to this doctrine, but because a majority does, this doctrine is ultimately dangerous and threatens the very fabric of western civilization.

This doctrine is;

“Multiculturalism works and there are no racial and genetic differences in intelligence.”

Well, this claim can be debunked. I will address the multiculturalism bit in future blog posts, but I’ll focus on the latter point for now. To begin, let’s start with the basics. This is the racial differences in intelligence. Scientific research has deduced that different racial groups have differing IQs and mental capabilities. This is controversial, and some might say I’m spouting pseudoscience.

False, this is not pseudoscience. We’ve all known families that have a history of intelligence. If a family has smart parents, smart kids, and a smart lineage, we think “wow, this is one intelligent family.” An accepted consensus is also that any given African will probably run faster than any given European man. However, when we talk about intelligence in different ethnic groups, then, for some odd reason, controversy is sparked.

In a very broad sense, let’s start with racial differences in IQ, or the intelligence quotient. While the intelligence quotient is far from perfect, it may very well be the best measure of intelligence humans have developed.

An average East Asian person has an IQ of about 105. Now, let’s look at the list for other ethnic groups

People of Jewish descent: Around 105                                                                                                                   North Europeans: Around 100                                                                                                                                         South Europeans and Latinos: 95                                                                                                                                   North Africans/Berbers/Middle Easterners: 85 to 90                                                                                                       Sub-Saharan Africans: 70                                                                                                                                               Aboriginal Australians: 65

Now, the kneejerk response to this is “IQ is a result of a proper educational background, not one’s inherent intelligence.” That statement is completely false. The nature vs nurture debate should have been settled decades ago, but it was not.

For instance, a study was done in Minnesota. Multiple groups of African-American children were adopted as infants into white families. These families sent these adopted children to privileged schools, raised them in an enriching environment, and what happened? Well, their IQ scores and SAT scores were still significantly lower than those of their white, asian, and latino counterparts.

Why? Well, twin studies tell us that 50 to 90 percent of variation in brain volume is genetic. Some say that skull size is not an indicator of intelligence. Those people are spouting bogus. In fact, there are mountains of evidence that lead scientists to the conclusion that skull size has an impact on one’s mental capabilities. A basic MRI scan can tell us this.


MRI scans revealed that Asian children had the largest brains, followed by Whites, and then Blacks. Similar studies revealed that head size correlates with test scores on SAT tests, and of course, IQ tests.

This brings up another interesting point. This point is IQ and the success of a nation. Numerous novels have documented this, and these novels raise valid points. Any fool knows that Sub Saharan Africa isn’t doing to swell. Any fool also knows that when the European colonizers arrived in Africa, most societies were not organized, structured, and in many cases, there was no nation-state. Africa is still comparatively less successful than all other continents.

The easy thing to do is to blame colonialism. Truthfully, colonialism caused a plethora of issues. However, to blame all of Africa’s issues on colonialism is downright silly. Not only do we pour billions of dollars in international aid towards Africa, but some African nations were not colonized. How did these nations fare? Horribly.


Let’s examine Liberia. Liberia was never colonized by Europeans. In fact, ex-American slaves arrived there in the early 1800s. They hoped to form a new “peaceful, prosperous nation in Africa.” How did this work? Not. At. All. Within years, Liberia descended into a wretched pit of chaos, sectarian violence, and genocide. The US and other nations poured huge sums of the money into the country, with zero success. Today, Liberia is one of the poorest, dirtiest, most violent, illiterate places on this planet. Thanks, colonialism? Well, we can’t thank that.


Now, look at Algeria. As discussed earlier, Algeria has an average IQ about 20 points higher than those seen in Sub-Saharan Africa. They, alongside their other Berber neighbors, were colonized. In fact, Algeria was a French colony until 1962. Algeria today is no paradise. Some violence and poverty still harms the nation. However, the nation has a high human development index, relatively low levels of poverty, and fairly good infrastructure. Why? Likely because their mental capabilities, though lower than those of Europeans, allow them to develop a functioning society.

Is it so radical to believe that human genetic populations differ? Scientists know that human genetic groups have become radically different in the last five thousand years. We can thank the agricultural revolution for that. This means that human evolution has accelerated in the last several thousand years, creating distinct genetic groups in short periods of time. Most agree when I say that some ethnic groups are generally physically stronger than others, can tolerate lactose, have larger penises, etc. Yet, when a Nobel Peace Prize winning geneticist like James Watson says “I’m gloomy about the future of Africa because of genetic differences in intelligence”, he loses everything, his career, job, livelihood. Hell, he had to pawn off his Nobel Prize.

In short, intelligence is hereditary, and while nurture and one’s environment plays a small role in one’s intellectual development, nature trumps nurture. Any dogma that preaches about the equality of the races is fundamentally flawed.

-Anderson Ljundberg, Loving Curator of this Blog.